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Garden Sheds

Our wooden garden building range are available as overlap timber and tongue and groove sheds, overlap garden sheds, storage units and traditional log cabins. They are purpose built to be able to withstand the harsh elements of British weather. This is achieved through the tongue and groove panels which are pre-engineered to be as weather resistant as possible, as the fundamental joining mechanism of tongue and groove means there are no gaps for weather to creep into your shed. We also use the tongue & groove technique in most of our corner log cabins and log cabin garages, as we believe it is one of the most effective methods of outdoor building construction.

Storage Units

Furthermore, an easy way to store your outdoor belongings, or the belongings you'd rather not have in the house, is with a storage unit. Our storage units are small enough to not take up too much space in your garden, but are also large enough to fit many items inside. And, many of our sheds come with the option of being a windowed or a windowless shed, making them the perfect storage boxes for more valuable items you would like to keep out of view of anyone passing by. Purpose designed bike sheds are also available, where you can store bikes, motorbikes and even mobility scooters.

Metal Sheds

In addition, metal sheds are best suited to those looking for a low maintenance,but stylish, garden building. Due to the fact that they are produced using galvanised steel, there is little chance of the shed base rotting or corroding. Our sheds are available as either an apex metal shed or a pent metal shed in a wide range of sizes, meaning there is bound to be a heavy duty metal garden shed perfect for you.

Plastic Sheds

On the other hand, plastic sheds are a garden storage solution that is great value for money, some may even class them as cheap sheds. Our plastic sheds are made from polycarbonate materials which means the sheds are able to withstand rain and other similar elements of harsh weather. Comfortably able to house any outdoor furniture, barbecues or bikes you may own, a plastic shed is ideal for small families, new homeowners and couples. And, they can be often be classed as portable sheds perfect for those likely to regularly move house.

Apex roof or Pent roof?

Finally, we understand that knowing what is best for you can be confusing, especially where roofs are concerned. Therefore, here are a few helpful tips to make life easier. An apex roof has two slopes. These meet in the centre of the roof and are extremely common amongst garden buildings. Whereas, pent roofs feature one single slope. The highest point of the roof is located at the same side of the door. Although perhaps a more stylish option, consider the fact that the head room inside is restricted at the lowest point of the slope, therefore it is worth thinking about this when choosing the size of the shed for you.