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Gas Barbecue

For a more modern method of cooking, why not try a gas barbecue. A high-quality gas grill is easy to light and is capable of reaching the perfect cooking temperatures at a quick pace. Furthermore, a burner gas bbq gives you the freedom to maintain an even cooking temperature across the whole grill. Therefore making the chances of burnt food less likely. Additionally, when you eventually run out of fuel, the fuel bottle changing process is quick and easy. On average, this should only take a couple of minutes to do. One disadvantage of gas barbecues is that although they are not always conveniently portable if you choose a gas bbq with cover you could leave it outside all year round.

Charcoal Barbecue

One option of barbecues is a charcoal barbecue. Available as either a kettle BBQ or oil drum BBQ, although a charcoal BBQ grill may not be as convenient as a gas barbecue, they still have a number of advantages. First of all, charcoal barbecues and kettle charcoal bbq are known to produce a unique smokey flavour. This is caused by the dry heat of the charcoal searing the meat quickly when cooking. Furthermore, most often a charcoal and drum bbq